At the most basic level, all of our world’s problems could be solved with one thing: kindness. It’s not complicated, and does not involve reading theological, or philosophical books, visiting mountain tops, nor does it require following strict dogma of any kind. 

If we could all just be a little kinder with those we love, those in need, strangers, and in misunderstandings, our world would be a much happier and healthier place. If someone cuts you off, or is grumpy, they may be having a bad day. A smile to a stranger is a simple way of offering kindness.

If we hold in our heart the idea that kindness is a very important quality that should be nurtured, we develop a place for it to grow. Anything that grows also needs to be tended to in a loving way. I know that with my plants, when I gently touch them each morning with a greeting, they respond with increased growth. 

I have always believed that being kind was all that was needed in this world, and it’s all we are really here to do. We all have the capability inside of us, but it’s buried under layers of false beliefs, fear, and ego. Try to search beneath those layers to access the basic quality that will benefit all.

Ways of doing this that are helpful are:

Knowing that everyone deserves kindness.

Focus on what you’re grateful for, instead of what feels bad.

Try not to focus on a persons irrational behavior, instead try to focus on their heart.

We all were children at one time. Treat others with the innocence that they deserve, and          remember.    

Be patient. Reacting in anger only makes you look like a lunatic.

When you get angry, what makes you feel calm? Wouldn’t it be a loving gesture from a patient person? Try being what you wish from others. We are all the same.

You don’t need to prove or be anything to anyone. Just be kind and be yourself, because your real self is made of love. 

Make it a priority to practice kindness today, and feel the warmth of love replace everything else.

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