This morning I did my usual Monday cleaning. I love Mondays because I know that this is the day when I get everything in order for the week ahead. This day, each week is dedicated to eliminating clutter, and clearing space.

While vacuuming our screened in porch floor, I noticed that some of the pots had tiny pests flying about them. I grabbed a garbage bag and placed the pots inside to take down to the recycling bin. I cleaned around what was now a smaller plant area and felt at peace. Opening up that much more space in our patio area allowed me to see that it wasn’t necessary to tend to these extra things.

I remembered how much I love minimalism. The simplicity of open spaces, absolutely no clutter, and only what is necessary brings a sense of peace.  My husband and I are in our 50’s, own two beds, two desks, some lamps and a couch.  We haven’t bought a dining room table yet, and still enjoy eating meals on swivel stools at the kitchen counter.  I have my eye on a particularly gorgeous Scandinavian style, walnut dining room table with a glass top from a furniture company that I love called Rove Concepts. When our bills are done being paid off, I will purchase this for our home. 

I have been downsizing cookbooks that I have been collecting since my early 20’s. I have cut them back from around several hundred to 70. I intend on reducing that number even further. I refuse to buy Kindle books. I find that too time consuming and frustrating. I like the actual touch of a book, but If I haven’t used it within two years, I donate it. 

When we bought our home last June, we moved in with the prior owners paint choice upon the walls. It is a dark, khaki greige. The light fixtures were thick, wrought iron, and coated in dust. Their relationship ended in divorce. I am going to paint the walls with either a pastel or simply white. The lights will be modern and minimalist.

I used to frequent a shop in Michigan that sold used books. Once you entered the shop you were immediately enveloped in softly scented Japanese incense, the sound of a water fountain, and the gentle lull of angelic spa music. It was the most relaxing place I had ever known. The soft spoken owner shared with me that she would open all the windows every morning, burn sage, close the windows and burn incense throughout the day. Ever since then, this is what I do in our home daily, which makes it feel blessed like a sanctuary.

When you have less you feel better. It frees up time, space and peace of mind. I spend a great deal of the day either meditating, or in quiet prayer/reflection. I know that I cannot reach a certain state of tranquility unless my surroundings are pared back, clean and in order. 

The less you have the happier you will become. We can only take love with us when we leave.

6 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. What a great post. Tell me more about the sage burning, i’m just gettting into essential oils etc.
    I’m trying to pare back but i love decor and so it makes it hard to get rid of stuff. I like to think my home is comfortably decorated with things that i love and that have meaning in our lives.


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  2. You can purchase sage sticks online. Simply light, blow out and go through each room allowing the smoke to clear out the old energy. Remember to keep windows open and hold the sage over a pot of some kind. I think I will write a post on this alone. Thank you, Jane!


  3. Oh this is just what I needed! I too, have been trying to clarify what I need and what I can get rid of to allow more space and time in our lives. We are in our 60’s and for the past few years have discovered that we do not need too much. I am not a minimalist but I am selective and understated in my choices for clothing, home decor, food, and free time.
    I am just fixing my own spring clean next week..and will feel like a new person once it is done. Actually I do like the cleaning thing…(ha) because I can’t bear to work in a messy spot…or live in one that is disorganized.
    Great post!

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  4. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. There is just something about cleaning, and letting go of things that just frees up space inside of us. I love the aesthetics of zen and wabi sabi. Nature is restful and peaceful. The closer we are to nature, the more flowing our lives become. 🙂


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